Wilhams REVAC® BM IRM C is a thermally bonded 3 ply product with excellent weathering and UV stability on the weathering surface. The middle layer is a low temperature flexible REVAC® CBM membrane with a third interior layer of black PVC wear coat. The material is fabric reinforced. Alternative weight sand laminations are available including double UV sided.


Ideal for the temporary or permanent suppression of airborne noise in exterior and interior applications. The fabric reinforcement allows for self supporting sheet on islet or similar supporting systems.

Physical Properties

  • Colour: A surface – grey, B surface – black
  • Superficial weight: 10kg/m²
  • Nominal thickness: 5.4mm
  • Breaking load: 1500N/50mm
  • Tear resistance: 150N
  • Elongation at break: 15%
  • Nail tear: 130N
  • Operating temperature range (static): -30°C to +70°C

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