ASTEX Wall Panel-01

Wilhams ASTEX panels are acoustically absorbent, fabric covered panels of a composite construction. The standard facing is from the Interface Cara range of woven textile fabrics. Bespoke panels, of specific size, thickness, shape or faced with the clients chosen fabric can be manufactured upon request. For industrial applications, facings of 200gms/m glass cloth or white PU where a wipe down procedure is specified can also be supplied.


  • High quality decorative finish.
  • Compliments any design concept.
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Flexible design characteristics.
  • Easy to handle, install and clean.
  • Cost effective sound control.
  • Fire rated.


Wilhams’ ASTEX interior panels provide an effective means of controlling reverberation time and reflected sound in rooms. They are applied in studios, conference centres, cinemas, auditoria and offices where high acoustic absorption, combined with an aesthetically pleasing appearance is required. Wall panels for industrial applications such as engine enclosures, test cells and workshops are also available.

Physical Information


  • 25mm
  • 50mm
  • Other thickness are available on request.

Maximum panel size: 3000 x 1200mm

  • Subject to fabric limitations.


  • 3.25 kg/m² for 25mm panel
  • 5.00 kg/m² for 50mm panel

The above sizes and weights are nominal figures.

Fire Performance

Wilhams’ ASTEX acoustic panels conform to the following specifications:

  • The Astex panel core is non-combustible.
  • Wilhams’ standard fabric covering complies with BS 476: 1987 to Class 1.
  • When faced with the Wilhams standard fabric, ASTEX panels comply with the fire tests BS 476: Parts 6 & 7 to give UK Building Regulations Class ‘O’ performance.

Acoustic Performance

Wilhams’ ASTEX panel works in two distinct ways to reduce noise, by impeding the transmission of sound through an element of the structure and by absorption of sound at the surface.

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