Wilhams Dedmas Elite

Wilhams Dedmas™ Elite has been designed to be a safe, non-staining and effective direct replacement to bitumen damping materials. This visco-elastic material is of a precisely know composition and is designed for damping applications where mass (acoustic insulation) and cost are key considerations. The performance over temperature is superior to bitumen over key service temperature areas. The product is a thermoplastic and so is fully recyclable. This product is available as rolls, simple press cut pads or more complicated press cut shapes. The material is self-adhesive.


  • Available in sheet and roll form.
  • Flexible and easily cut.
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Available in 5 kg/sqm. Other weights available upon request.
  • Provides a cost effective sound proofing solution.


Wilhams WDS damping sheet is used for the sound proofing of formed steel or aluminium panels and cabinets. Typical applications include damping for steel panels in the automotive industry, agricultural machinery, air-conditioning ductwork and the white goods industry. Damping sheets can additionally be used in conjunction with Wilhams range of WIL-LAG lagging products to dramatically enhance acoustic performance.


Wilhams WDS damping sheet is bitumen enriched, self adhesive backed material manufactured from a mixture of bitumen, plasticizers and elastomers. The adhesive backing is protected by a silicon release paper that permits easy storing and stacking. Wilhams WDS damping sheet is black in colour.

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