About Wilhams Insulation

Wilhams Insulation Ltd was started by the late Don Hammett in 1974 and supplies bespoke acoustic insulation materials for industry, schools, theaters, exhibition halls, recording studios and many similar applications.

The company has developed over the years and is now recognised as a leading independent designer, manufacturer and supplier of bespoke acoustic insulation materials and associated products for both the UK and Overseas markets.

Wilhams Insulation Ltd specialises in engineering solutions to solve clients’ particular acoustic insulation problems and full technical support can be provided across the whole spectrum of the group’s products, which range from specialised acoustic foams including Wilhams PUNF® Foam, multi-layer and multi-barrier type acoustic materials in both foams, glass and mineral wool laminates for specialist applications or contracts. Our client-orientated approach includes the ability to develop such specialist materials and laminates to solve customers’ noise control problems.

Wilhams Insulation Ltd has been involved in some recent high profile projects which include such projects as:

Canary Warf, Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok International Airport, The Channel Tunnel, Glyndebourne Opera House, Twickenham Film Studios, The Young Vic, Coldplay’s new studio, The Theatre Royal – Bury St Edmunds, The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino – Macao, Wexford Opera House and many other high profile projects.

We hope you will find our product offering of interest and would welcome the opportunity of quoting for and supplying your acoustic insulation materials requirements for your current or future projects.