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Wilhams Astex Ceiling Absorbers are bespoke decorative ceiling panels manufactured from sound absorbing Melamine foam with hard edge frame covered with a high quality acoustically transparent fabric.


The absorbers are designed primarily to reduce reverberant noise by improving acoustic absorption within the area being treated; the absorber will also contribute to the thermal insulation of a building. Astex Ceiling Absorbers can be directly bonded to both horizontal and vertical surfaces providing the receiving substrate is in suitably good condition. Astex Ceiling Absorbers are an extremely effective, and are an economic alternative to a full suspended acoustic ceiling and can be installed to create a feature within a room to enhance the interior design.


ASTEX Ceiling Absorbers are used extensively in schools, particularly old buildings with large areas of hard surfaces, by clients wishing to upgrade the acoustic environment to meet Building Bulletin 93 standards. They are also used in multi-purpose halls, gymnasia, recording studios and music practice rooms.

Colour and Finish

Wilhams Astex Absorbers can be supplied in a variety of finishes to suit the design of the room to be treated.

Fire Performance

Plain Melamine foam absorbers comply with the Class ‘O’ requirements of the Building Regulations, when tested to BS476: Part 6: 1981 and Part 7: 1987. The fabrics offered are also compliant with the appropriate regulations for fire.

Panel Sizes

Wilhams Astex Ceiling Absorbers are manufactured to our customers’ individual requirements to suit particular project demands. Limitations will occur; mainly from the handling point of view. Please discuss your requirements with our Technical Department.

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