WDS RDS Rain Damping Sheet

Wilhams WDS damping sheet is bitumen enriched, self adhesive backed material manufactured from a mixture of bitumen, plasticizers and elastomers. The adhesive backing is protected by a silicon release paper that permits easy storing and stacking. Wilhams WDS damping sheet is black in colour.


WDS-RDS is a patented family of vibration damping
materials which, when applied to a metal or plastic
panel/forming, inhibit the buildup of resonant vibrations
dramatically reducing the levels of radiated noise. Included
in this family is a range of specially developed visco-elastic
Damping Sheets with exceptional damping performance to
weight ratios.


WDS-RDS (Khaki) is a lightweight flexible self-adhesive sheet material which is supplied ready for use. It has primarily been developed for use on roofing panels but is also used for an extensive list of other applications including marine craft, household appliances, machine housings, and materials handling equipment. The product is highly conformable and provides a permanent bond to surfaces of almost any shape at any orientation at any point in a manufacturing process.

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