Momentum S FF Neptune

This is a fully certified UK Building Regulations Class 0 foil faced acoustic barrier ideal for acoustic insulation applications where a fully fire tested product is required. The barrier mat is based on EPR and thermoplastic polymers filled with naturally occurring minerals. The product is free of Halogens, lead, unrefined aromatic oils and bitumen. The product comprises Wilhams Revac® Momentum S FF supported on a 25mm Neptune® holofibre for lightweight thermal insulation and high frequency performance.

General Properties & Sizes

  • Tensile Strength (polymer) 390kPa
  • Elongation at Break(polymer) 300%
  • Fire Properties BS 476 Part 6 and 7-Building Regs Class 0
  • Wilhams Revac® Momentum™ S 50 FF Neptune® 3045 Weight:5.30 kg/m2 Thickness:27mm
  • Wilhams Revac® Momentum™ S 100 FF Neptune® 3045 Weight:10.30 kg/m2 Thickness:29mm/li>
  • Standard Sheet Size 1.2m x 2m (other sheet and roll sizes available on request)


Wilhams Revac® Momentum S FF Neptune® 3045 is designed to improve the acoustic and thermal insulation of heating and ventilation ductwork and other panels and structures where a Building Regulations Class 0 material is required.

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