Wilhams Insulation Ltd can provide a wide variety of laminated materials or thermo-acoustic materials. With our in-house experience and versatile lamination equipment we can bond multiple layered composites together in single or multiple pass operations.

Our processes are engineered to assure maximum retention of loft and thickness when dealing with a variety of materials of low density and high compressibility. Bonding can be done using a variety of thermally activated ’hot melt’ films such as PE, EVA, EAA, sprinkle coating as well as many speciality hot melt webs offering resistance to plasticisers and other attributes. Bonding can also be done using more traditional wet adhesive techniques.

Acoustic membrane materials include PVC based barriers (Revac® BM) as well as barriers made from TPO’s and synthetic elastomers (Revac® Superflex and Momentum barriers) in a range of weights and thicknesses. These can be laminated with protective wear coats or self-adhesive tapes. Space and absorption layers can be quilted glass (quilted in house), polyester quilts and specialized (Neptune®), polyether and polyester foams, chip foam, melamine foams, Class O impregnated foams, and Jute felt to name but a few.

Laminated parts can be subsequently press cut to give tiles of high accuracy enabling flush butt finishing in flooring and other applications.