Wilhams Insulation




REVAC® Momentum E FF is a limp polymeric noise insulation material with excellent acoustic attenuation properties, faced with a building regulations Class ‘0’ foil’. 

The sheet is a polymer compound based on thermoplastics and naturally occurring minerals. It is a cost-effective mass layer for general acoustic applications where environments are ambient and physical requirements are not severe. The material is thermoplastic and recyclable and is also very sustainable with a high component of ‘second life’ polymer.


REVAC® Momentum E FF is designed to improve the sound insulation of existing panels and structures which are typically made of metal and rigid plastics etc. The product is usually fitted in intimate contact with the original panel/structure. Material specific adhesives can typically be used to stick the barrier to other substrates.

Facings & Coverings

Revac® MOMENTUM E FF products can be made available with additional facings if required.

Physical and acoustic properties of Revac® MOMENTUM E FF products:
Material Weight (kg/m²)* Thickness (mm)* Average dB loss** Downloads
Revac® MOMENTUM E 30 FF 3kg/m² 1.5mm 18dB N/A
Revac® MOMENTUM E 50 FF 5kg/m² 2.5mm 25dB Open PDF
Revac® MOMENTUM E 75 FF 7.5kg/m² 3.75mm 27dB N/A
Revac® MOMENTUM E 100 FF 10kg/m² 5.0mm 30dB Open PDF
*Other weights/thickness available upon request